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Three Shoes Posse

"…tight lyrics, a playful reggae dub beat, and tons of energy. "10 Second Free Fall" (so named, of course, because the WTC buildings fell at virtually free-fall speeds, implying, at least to 9/11 revisionists, that controlled demolition alone can account for the buildings’ collapse) by the Three Shoes Posse."


I would like to respond to the question, "How could a small group within our military and government have been complicit in the terrible events of 9/11 without the entire government being aware of it?"

My response is that the whole government would not have to be in on the alleged conspiracy for the following reason; our government is a hierarchy in which compartmentalization of knowledge is a given. As suggested by the symbol of the pyramid, the tier below does not necessarily know everything that the tier above knows, and the tiers above that are privy to even more sensitive and "classified" intelligence and so on. Even within common tiers you see this compartmentalization where "the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing."

Sounds dark and conspiratorial but that's the fact. In fact it is the official excuse given by the establishment for how such a thing as 9/11 could have happened on their watch. It is therefore quite possible (even probable) that an operation of this magnitude could be carried out without the willful participation of the entire government.

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