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Mark Stepnoski #53

"I just remember at the time thinking to myself - is this really a terrorist attack on us by a foreign nation or is this a false flag operation being conducted by our government," said Stepnoski, adding that he had carefully studied the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, and the Oklahoma City bombing, which led him to immediately doubt the official story. excerpt taken from prisonplanet

Questions 911

Patriots Question Article

Prison Planet Article

Bill Enyart #41

Letter to the editor Ashland Daily Tidings 6/5/07:

"David Ray Griffin is a clear thinker and his approach is as a thinker. If you can think for yourself, and disregard the propaganda machine, you will see he has looked at the evidence and the bias of certain 'guns for hire' scientists, and highlighted the corruption in this American government. This [9/11] was clearly a false flag event to inflame Americans and get them craving revenge.

David Ray Griffin provides a framework for discovering the truth about 9/11." excerpt taken from patriotsquestion

Prison Planet Article

Mike Casner #8

Statement in support of Architects and Engineers petition:

"It appears to me that WTC building #7 was imploded in the classic demolition manner, and that WTC Towers 1 and 2 were exploded from the top down." excerpt taken from patriotsquestion

Mitch McAleer

Statement in support of Architects and Engineers petition:

Regarding 9/11 "There is no doubt the world is being deceived by the corporations who own the media. These few men do not own the truth, and cannot control the internet, the free exchange of ideas and information must be coupled with appropriate action to ensure we as citizens of the world do not become unwitting slaves." excerpt taken from patriotsquestion

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